Slim Burna-Burn it up!


A little while ago we caught wind of a remix of Tinie Tempah’s Trampoline by our man Slim Burna which sparked our interest a bit I dare say.The Diplo produced track is an out and out banger and truthfully Slim provided some interesting flow.

Slim Burna – Trampoline Freestyle (1)

Anyway we thought we would get a few moments with the UK born but residing in Nigeria emcee to see what’s cracking and as you will see we just had to ask about his relationship with one Alex Lopez-ya hear?!

Slim Burna so hopefully not too personal but let’s get it out of the way-is Alex Lopez your boo?

Alex is a lovely woman, gifted, beautiful with a friendly public persona, a very nice person but certainly not my boo!

Ok now my brother the mic seems your destiny was it and why?

I was blessed by God with a talent to express myself through the art-form called music, I eventually found love in it and had no other choice than to embrace it and ever since, I’ve come to enjoy it; I feel like I was born to do it and I really want to continue to make music. To me, it’s sort of like life because I can relate it with everything that happens around me.

You were born in the UK have you relocated permanently then?

I was born in England but my family and I moved down to Port Harcourt, in the southern part of Nigeria and that was when I was just two, so basically, I’ve lived in Nigeria all my life.

Who do you think has lifted the Nigerian scene and I expect the African scene the most?

The calibre of sounds coming out of Nigeria and Africa have always been great. Today, African music has become consistently interesting to the world and modern technology like digital recording studios, internet etc has done a wonderful job in helping elevate today’s African music.

Indeed what is needed for it to be even more competitive?

In Africa, there are a lot of amazing talents but not enough platforms to showcase them, in the developed world it’s the opposite they’ve got all that. I believe African music scene can take over the world if more platforms or mediums to exhibit those skills are created.

So you dropped that Trampoline remix has Tinie actually heard it?

When I heard Trampoline for the first time, I stood still for about 3 minutes because it totally struck me like a surprise, the instrumental was on point if you know what I mean and I instantly felt it. A few days later I’m in the studio rapping over the same beat. I don’t know if Tinie has heard my version of Trampoline or if  he’ll ever hear it, as I said, I just felt the song and decided to hear how I would sound over the Diplo instrumental.

What’s in the pipeline for you this year and beyond-any new projects and new tracks to let me know about?

The year is almost over you know but regardless the grind don’t stop I’m always working, if it’s not for me it’s for some other artist because I’m a music producer as well but I’m looking to put out more new material for my listeners, and some music videos soon.

Any hot bit of news that you can let me know?

No big news for now, other than my new collaboration with Hip-hop duo Young Paperboyz for their Naija Boss Techno EP and a possible one with Nigerian songstress Muma Gee for her next music project, we are still working on that though.

Please add anything you think would be good for people to know about you?

I’m a very plain, open-minded straight forward individual with a flair for creativity and self expression.